I am a 37 year old mother of two young boys. A year and a half ago, I lost the love of my life, suddenly. Without warning, without control, without permission. My whole world changed in an instant.

After crossing the finish line, hand-in-hand, of my first half marathon, my husband suffered from a massive heart attack at the age of 36. The devastation this caused was, and still is, indescribable. My brain couldn’t comprehend or accept what had just happened to our family. He was loved dearly by so many, especially his wife and boys.

The days to follow were full of sheer pain and terror – as well as the many whys? Why him, why us, why, God? We were a loving family of four. How could this ever happen to such a good family? I soon learned, life doesn’t ask permission for what comes next.

It just happens, regardless of the plans you had.

The only solace I found was in the signs I started receiving immediately following his passing. He has sent our family countless signs to let us know he has never truly left us. About a month ago, I received a different sign that will impact my life forever…

I talk to my husband constantly. I had been asking him to communicate with me and let me know he was okay. I told him how the boys and I are deep in grief and explained how we miss him terribly. I told him how scared I was to do this alone and how I was struggling for ways to explain this to our boys as they continue to grow and ask questions. This is a task no parent should ever have to endure – especially not for a 3 and 5 year old.

I know in my heart, that night he saw my tears and heard my prayers.

Soon after, I repeatedly awoke in the middle of the night around 3am. Over the last year, I had kept a journal next to my bedside and scribbled down words, phrases and lyrics as they came to me; knowing that they were a gift from above. Within a couple of days, I had all the words I needed to compose my first children’s book, which I knew was lovingly told from my husband’s point of view. It was a gift for me to give our young boys to help them understand that their Daddy had never and would never leave them! I needed a way to explain to our boys that we would see him again- when our journey through life came to an end.  This book was the best way I could accomplish this, and this is how My Love Follows You Wherever You Go came to life.

My hope is for this book to touch the lives of many who’ve experienced the profound grief and loss of a loved one. Both children and young adults, will be able to relate to the words and the emotion behind our story. I know this book was a gift from my husband for our two young son’s as well as the many other families that may find peace and hope in the message.

My husband always wanted to make a difference in the world.  Now, I know he is using me as his messenger to help this wish come true.

I can’t change the past, take away our pain, or fix this horrendous tragedy we’ve been given, but I can help change the future for our boys and hopefully touch the lives of the readers this book may speak to.

Jenessa was 36 when her beloved husband suddenly passed away.  He also left behind two boys, who were only one and three years old. The family currently resides in Southern, NH with their two dogs, kitten and several chickens. They find peace in nature and enjoy hiking, running and kayaking. Jenessa continues to work part-time as a Counselor at a local university. In her spare time, she has used writing and wood-working as a means of coping with the tremendous grief she endures. She relies heavily on her spirituality and the signs her husband provides to give her strength to continue on and raise their beautiful boys just as they had dreamed of doing together…

She hopes her story will not only help her own children, but touch the lives of many who are dealing with the profound grief and loss of a loved one. She plans to continue writing with the goal of one day publishing another children’s book.

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