When I sit down to write to you I think of you and your life.

I know we haven’t met before.

We don’t know each other.

But in many ways we do.

And if you have been receiving these emails for a while our minds and hearts have been connecting every single week.

When I begin each letter I try to tap into your life and see what you need each Friday.

And this week I am hearing that you are tired of trying.

Trying to make things better.

To feel less pain.

To be noticed. Understood.

Loved. Seen. Adored.


It feels like it is never going to happen.

This real interaction with the world around you that you need.

And my heart wants to come and sit next to yours.

And talk. And see you.

Help you hold the pain in your heart just for a few moments so you take a breather.

To tell you to never lose hope.

Never stop believing that life will give you a person, a conversation, an opportunity. A life you dream about. (Click to Tweet!)

One day you will walk in somewhere new and someone will pay attention.

You will make a new friend who gets your journey because they have been on the very same one.

You will start to write things down and they will start to make sense.

The cup of coffee in your hand will be a great cup.

Someone will do something good for you.

Your hair might just look right today.

And even though the weather forecast said rain the sun is coming through the clouds.

That’s all it takes sometimes, a day with the smallest things going right.

But we have to notice them and tell ourselves about them.

And as I am sitting here next to your heart I am hoping that when you look back you can see these tiny little things even in the hardest days.

They are there but we are used to not seeing them because the big tough things take over. Life is waiting for you to notice these tiny good things.

It wants to bring more.

I want to ask you to look back at your day yesterday or your week and see the tiny good things that took place and you didn’t notice.

Find them. See them.

Observe them. Smile about them.

These tiny good things came for you.

For you and only you. Just like this letter.

It is written to you with goodness inside.

Our homework for this week is to spot the tiny bits of goodness in your life and to smile when you think about them.

That is all. I know you can do this.

With tiny good things just for you and only you,