Dearest life…you are like a big ocean with vast waves and calm seas.

With thunderstorms and spectacular sunsets.

With rainbows and clouds.

With dirt but with so much green beauty.

You spit me out but you also carry me on your shoulders.

You shake me up but you also cuddle me at night.

I am inside of you life, but if I really look closely you are inside of me.

You live in there and now and again I get to choose if I want to ride the waves or paddle in your calm sees.

You don’t always bounce me around, you do give me choices.

You want me to know that underneath it all, I am the master of the universe, the master of my soul.

Life you are the orchestra and I am the maestro. (Click to Tweet!)

Life I want to be with you forever.

But you are fast and furious.

You make me cry.

You make me laugh.

You lift me up.

You knock me down.

You say its a dance.

I say its more than that.

I say it’s art. 

The art of surrendering to you.

The art of allowing you.

Allowing you to spit me out and eat me up…and carry me around.

Cuddle me at night.

In big oceans and calm seas.

I surrender to you.

And when I do…

I carry you life.

I cuddle you life.

I lift you up life.

And when bad things happen, I am still the maestro.

The artist.

I surrender to the art.

The art of life.

I swim with you.

I sleep and awake with you.

We lift each other up.

And knock each other down.

I am you life. You are me.

I can never live without you. Especially when bad things happen.

I know the orchestra cannot play without the maestro.

After all we arrived here together.

I was born with you, and I will die with you… life.

Life I promise to not stop LIVING YOU.

I promise to squeeze you in when bad things happen.

And ride the waves.

With life.

With so much life in me.


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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