Second Firsts: New Beginning

“In my years doing this work and coaching hundreds of people, the surprising thing has been how the majority of this world is actually actively grieving and they have no internal or external acknowledgement for their loss.

I have coached people who lost children, women who never had kids but a successful career, men and women who stay in loveless marriages, or were divorced too soon or too late, and so many people who feel they don’t deserve to dream and live again as it is too late now and their life is gone.

All of the above are losses that we are not acknowledging. Every day I speak to people and within two sentences there are tears in their eyes and all I have to ask was,

‘Is your life where you want it to be?’

Sadness and hopelessness overtakes them.

They feel they have no control to change the direction of their life. They feel they can’t slow down time and they can’t change a thing.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how lost you have been or even what you have endured.  What matters is what you will do today, what you will do right now and who you will choose to be, going forward.

Whether your loss has been sudden, or you have lost your identity, or even a dream of finding your soul mate, in my book it is still called grief.

We will have to make some decisions that you are not comfortable with to begin with.  And yes maybe I am a little bossy. And a little too direct especially when you have been hiding your heart from the world for way too long.

But I am able to get straight into the core of who you are because of all you have been through.

I can help you change your life and steer the wheel in the direction of your dreams.

I have been connecting with so many of you over the last several months, and feel that what you really need is deeper support, clear direction and the tools to heal and grow. I get emails and calls every day from people who don’t know what that first step is so I have a wonderful solution that I am so excited about .

I am offering a complimentary 30 minute life strategy session to the first 10 applicants and I know that the people who will step forward are ready to take action are also ready to commit to a brand new beginning.

This Complimentary Strategy Session is for you if:

* Loss has created a huge fog in your life and you don’t know which way to go forward so you are stuck in that space between the life that once was, and the life that could be.

* You are grieving that one special love, the empty seat next to you, the hopes that you would be in love and married by now.

* You are someone who is professionally successful and on the exterior your life looks perfect but deep down you know you need to make a change but you are afraid to even whisper it to yourself.

* You are committed and ready for change (because once you take that step, life is going elevate to a whole new level.)

I was in that place of loss, pain and fear of the future. When my husband died, I had no job, no financial security, and all of my dreams were abandoned by me immediately. I was living a nightmare every day.

I know what it is like to feel ALONE and that is why I want to reach out to you and offer peace, support, guidance and love.

I am so excited because from today through Friday only, I am offering complimentary 30 minute sessions where we will :

– Find out what is holding you back

– Discover the part of you that is ready to take the first step

– Look at your past from a new perspective

– Find out how I can support you in this transformative journey

If you are ready to be one of the 10 chosen ones, all you need to do is click this one link:

and we will send you a short application. And once we receive that back, we will set up a short interview to get you started. Your life will never be the same!”

Warm regards,

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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