Second Firsts: BalloonSometimes looking back is easier than looking at something right at the moment it takes place. 

Two months ago I was awakened with severe dizziness, head numbness and the world was spinning right in front of me. I couldn’t stand up or even walk.

I didn’t know what was happening.

The very first thoughts that crossed my mind were frightening as I was experiencing severe physical symptoms.

I was then taken to the ER, and spent 3 days at the hospital. The doctors were concerned, and so was I.

Yesterday I finally met with the team that took care of me during the last couple of months and did all the tests. They gave me the all clear. (Doing a little dance right now.)

They said I need to take it easy, and that my brain is asking for some time off. 

You should have been there sitting next to me.

I laughed out loud, and I am laughing as I am writing this. My brain, my mind and my soul need time well used towards my mission. I decided that very moment to cut out the noise, the doubts, and the fears of taking on such a big responsibility with creating a movement to change the way we deal with life after loss.

Enough with shying away from the truth that loss is a portal that opens up a gateway to life that was never imagined before. Your loss can be a launching pad into a new dimension of living, loving and thriving. 

When people read this message they might shake their heads and think how can it be that my suffering can lead me to a better place, to a place I can only dream of.

Well I am here to tell you that if you have experienced a tragedy, your soul has traveled far, far away. Into worlds that cannot be touched any other way, and with any other emotion.

Grief opens up your heart to evolution and growth unlike anything else. 

Now it is up to you to take this expansion and spread it wide open into your life.

When the doctor gave me the good news yesterday, a huge urge came over me, bigger than ever before.

In 2012 I will take on the reigns with even more focus, more passion and more belief in this mission. And I will deliver the promise of a world of Life Starters who are born not from the womb, or out of college but graduated from grief, loss and tragedy and on to a higher platform of life. 

When I decided to launch Second Firsts, a little voice whispered to me…”Are you ready for the sacrifice, the responsibility, and the change this will bring into your life?” At that time I was a little taken aback with the question. What sacrifice I thought? This would be a dream come true.

But as time goes by I see now whoever asked me this question, knew something I did not know at that time.

That there will be a lot of sacrifice. My life is no longer about me. When my world literally turned upside down that early morning two months ago, my first thought was

Who will be here to take this on? 

So today I am here to ask you to spread my message wherever you are, to share my email with everyone you know. To get educated with the tools that I offer. To listen to all 6 CDs of the Re-Entry to Life program and do all the exercises on the action book. Take action, action, action and you will see the launching pad you have been looking for, is right here.

All my love,

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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