As you may know, prior to ‘personally’ being acquainted with grief, I used to be a grief therapist.

I did my Masters Thesis on ‘The stages of Grief’ at one of England’s Ivy League schools.

I call that, the time where I got to meet grief superficially.

It was just a meet and greet, you can even say I was courting grief.

At the time I thought I knew grief really well.

I studied it, I passed the exams and worked practicing my knowledge of grief at Hospice.

I was proud of myself. I thought I had made my dream of ‘helping people get through devastating pain’, come true.

Well I was very wrong…

The tables turned.

And I got to meet grief in person, I gasped at the surprise of who she was.



And above all ruthless, and she made no exceptions.

I cried for myself and for the people I had professionally counseled.

Everyone was afraid of grief and what it does to people.

The only people who examined it’s personality, were psychologists, psychiatrists and maybe even scientists.

I was one of those people.

There are so many studies of the symptoms and of the aftermath of grief.

But so what I thought…we know what it does but do we know what we can do to Grief?

The world around was trying to help people survive a devastating crisis, not rehabilitate them back to life.

Just surviving is not the life you should aim for, but since everyone else including yourself does not think it is possible to re-enter life with a bang, we just keep on keeping on.

Well during the last few years, I experienced things that have absolutely transformed me as a person, as a professional and as a rebellious ‘Life Starter’.

Through trial and error, I took certain steps, some of them bold I have to say, and got my life not only back on track but ‘living the life of my dreams’.

Apparently I was not afraid of grief, and I took on the reigns, and made it less scary and hurtful with bold life skills.

So I am here today to pull the curtain back a little more and let you know that I am creating something bigger than a ‘message in a bottle,’ or a Facebook page or even a website with great tools.

And I will need your help along the way.

Yes it will take time, effort and a team of people around me, but the result is so worth it.

Stay tuned. I promise this will change the way we live after loss.

All my love,


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