Your Words Are Begging You to Write Them

You are a writer, a phenomenal, mind blowing writer born to write up a universe. Born to put words together like a big ocean. Like a mountain. Like a human being. You are here to construct a story of passion, nature and love as if you lived it, walked in it. You have books inside of you, books that only you can write. There are poems there too. Stories of love. And songs. There are so many songs…

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Call them out!

Why do we try to be liked by people who don't like us? Have you ever tried to be liked by someone who obviously has no interest in you?  You keep talking to them.  Trying to sound interesting.  But it does not matter.  They keep ignoring you.  They keep trying to minimize your accomplishments and your worth.  But you do not stop trying.  Maybe, next time.  Maybe when you do this or that, they…

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Outer space. Inner Grief.

I always wanted to travel to space. Just to look at the earth from afar. I have imagined this moment so many times. I would see myself look from the window and shed tears of pure awe. I always felt that the Earth had one heartbeat, and just one soul. From space we look like we are all wrapped up in one big beautiful ball. No egos, no politics, no past or future. If we only knew not how small we…

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The ego of loss!

It took me a decade to discover a very simple truth that literally set me free. Happiness is a choice not an 'event based' experience. Happiness lives inside of us and it is not controlled by circumstances. Especially when we have gone through a huge heart break we hold on to that loss with all of our heart and soul and we base all of our unhappiness on that loss. Guess what? That loss is not…

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