I have been trying to write you this letter all day long. 

I have so much to tell you that my thoughts are competing for their spot.

I have had a hard week. 

For many reasons. 

And I know you had one too. 

I feel like I am inside a maze. Lost. 

But here is what I am really struggling with. 

There is one path inside the maze that I know is the way out, but I have forbidden myself going there. I stand at the beginning of the path and stare at it. 

Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I just sit there and look at it. 

I hadn’t visited for a while.

But lately, I have not only been more honest with everyone in my life but also with myself. 

So I have reminded myself of the forbidden path. 

I know what you are thinking. 

But why, why is it forbidden?

Because it is

Some things we just can’t let ourselves have. (Click to tweet!)

There are many reasons for that. 

I know you know some of those reasons. I do too. 

I do believe that one day I will let myself go there. 

In a sense this is a kind of love story.

Even though this path is not leading me to another person. 

It is still a love story. 

If there is a forbidden path inside your maze, a path that leads you to something you really want, or to someone you want to be with. 

An experience. Whatever that is for you. 

I know how it feels to not let yourself go on it. 

Because you don’t want to let down the people you care about. 

And the more people you don’t want to let down, the more forbidden this path is. 

I know I am speaking in riddles. 

But I also know I am speaking to you, struggling with the many sacrifices you made in your life. The choices you made along the way that were not for your own good, but for others. 

I know you have had many forbidden paths in your life. 

And for now. For today. 

Just knowing that someone else is standing in front of theirs, with a broken heart makes you feel more understanding of your past choices. 

You chose what you chose in your life for the right reasons, even though it was wrong for you. 

And my dear friend, the day I walk down my forbidden path, you will be the first to know. 

Until then I will find a way to stop all the crying. 

But what kind of love story would it be if there were no tears. 


With an unforbidden future,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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One Comment

  • Samantha says:

    Oh Christina,
    I so see you. I have been dreaming of mazes and this makes so much sense to read these words.
    The grief of this last year is so heavy. Thank you for letting us see you.
    You are not alone in this space.
    I am glad I am not either.

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