It was not like any other day. 

Something was in the air. 

A heaviness, with no name. 

A knowing. A goodbye. 

An Ending. A full stop. 

And it was known. 

Nothing could prevent it. Nothing at all. 

It was coming. Like all endings do. 

The Ending arrived quietly. Almost like a whisper. 

“I am here, and I need to end this.” It murmured. 

“But why do you have to be here Ending?” I asked. 

“Can’t we have a new beginning without you?” 

“This kind of beginning requires me to end some things.” Ending said 

“But the things you want to end are things I still need.” I said. 

“Yes they are.” Ending said

“So, then don’t visit with me.” I replied.

“It’s too late, I am already here. You must let go.”

“Let go.” Ending whispered again. 


As I started to let go, the air moved. 

My sadness breathed easier. 

“Do you see her coming in?” Ending said and pointed towards the ocean. 

I looked but there was nothing. 

“Keep looking.” Ending said. 

“At first, it will look like nothing is coming.

Keep looking. 

Beginnings are formless at first. (Click to tweet!)

Especially as I am still on my way out. 

The further I go, the more you will start to see your beginning clearly.” Ending said and I could barely hear it anymore. 

My heart was squashed. 

My knees were trembling. 

I was on my own now. 

Looking for my new beginning. 

And as I was standing there, just like that, my beginning appeared in front of me. 

She was bigger than I had expected. 

At first I could not see all of her. 

But the parts I could see surprised me. 

This beginning was different to any other beginnings. 

She was vaster than the ocean itself. 

I sat down, put my hands on my face and cried. 

Oh ending, I get it now. 

The letting go. 

You ending things I thought I still needed. 

Of course. 

You were right all along. 


With an ending and a beginning,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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