I want you think about a dream you once had.

Something that you used to think about a lot and you haven’t thought about in a while because you felt that life was much harder than you had expected.

And you gave up the dream, in order to survive.

You gave up the dream in order to grieve.

Can you tell me what that dream was?

Can you start talking to your dream and instead of telling it why it has not come true, start talking about that first step you will take today that will bring it back to life.

I don’t want you thinking big just yet.

Just think about a small tiny step you can take today.

What is that one thing you can do that will bring your dream in front of you so you can start dancing with it?

And as I always say…..

Think of a small step so one day you can make something big happen.


And here is a little video I put together to inspire you into action. Let’s make it happen!

Dance with your Dream

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