Blog post by Christina Rasmussen

It’s hard to think about our own last day. You probably think I have some guts to bring this up to this group of people, who lost so much.

But ever since my life turned upside down, there is one question I ask myself every day: ‘What do I need to do today to make my life count?’

I refuse to look back and have regrets.

Regrets that I didn’t spend enough time with my kids.

Regrets that I did not have enough laughter.

Regrets that I did not realize my life’s purpose.

Regrets that I stayed frozen when everyone else around me lived.

Oh…my heart missed a beat when I wrote this last regret, I had this visual about me standing there with no movement and my kids and family all around me living their life without me.


I am grateful for the gift I was able to give to the world.

I am grateful for the unconditional love I give to my children.

And I am forever grateful that I gave love a second chance.

Your Second Firsts can be more magical, purposeful and with so much more meaning.

Because you know what it means to loose it all.

Because you know that life has one direction.

And because you know if you don’t give yourself another chance you are the only one responsible.

I am aware this is a harsh word, but grief freezes us and we need someone to shake things up a little  so you open your eyes around you, and you see that life does go on, with or without you.

It’s a choice you make every day.

I dare you to choose life not despite of your loss but because of your loss.

Your last day on earth needs to be a celebration of life well lived, one that will be remembered by the ones who you will leave behind.

All my love and gratitude.

Christina Rasmussen

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