We had a 14′ high bank behind our home that was over grown w/wild flowers, herb bushes & weeds.

I envisioned a waterfall built on the bank. On Oct 06, Brian, my youngest son, 17 yrs of age, cleared off the bank, digging & creating the tiered path the water would take on it’s journey to the basin at the bottom of the bank. I hadn’t figured out, at that time, how I was going to make a pond at the bottom but would figure it out later. I envisioned stones to be placed on the frontal support walls of the tiers. I found a paver form, which was PERFECT for the shapes of the stones. We took turns mixing the mortar mix in a large plastic tub & Brian filled the form w/such care & detail to the surface texture of each stone. We filled the form 20 times, giving us a total of 180 stones. Brian would work on the wall after school & got 75% of the stones applied. The rains came, we covered the bank. School & friends kept Brian busy & the bank untouched. Brian graduated HS 07,then a full time college student & working a full time warehouse job.

Jan 30, 09, he came in from class, grabbed some chips & headed back out for work at 1:45pm. It was a great day, for I had just finished my graphic design of a product idea that I submitted that day to a company interested n my design. At 3:30pm I received a phone call from the hospital. Brian had been in an accident. My best friend was taken from me that day. Neck broken on impact, so I knew he didn’t suffer. With my world numbed, I donated his organs & eyes. We had a celebration of his life. For weeks I would sit in front of that dug out bank with those concrete stones slapping me back n the face. So for Brian, I decided to finish it. It took me several months, not even knowing how or what I was doing, but on June 20, 2010 at 12:30pm I finished it!

I spent so many hours of pure love and determination in finishing this glorious waterfall my son had started out of love for me. Someone called the paper, they came out the following Thursday and did a piece on it. No one knows the times I have spent during & after the construction of such, working with tear filled eyes, sometimes not even really being able to see what I was doing & talking with Brian for his guidance of what needed to be done next.

I have a Facebook photo album showing each stage of this project. It has been my salvation & a grand grieving tool. I know Brian sits next to me every night, with his arm over my shoulder whispering into my soul, “You did great Mom”. (warm loving smiles my son)



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  • Donna says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your son and your resilience!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rita says:

    He is so proud of you!

  • Sherilyn Talley says:

    Your story of courage, determination, and love has epitomized the “building of this new road to the future with our sons at our sides, guiding the way… one hand made stone at a time, toward something profound and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. Bless your Heart.

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