Written by, Sherilyn Talley Maui Resident

The evolution of grief has us making our way down our road the best way we know how. Picking up what tools we can use, finding what will help us awaken to a new sense of aliveness within. When we come to feel our heart is ready for a new experience, a different ‘vantage point’, traveling to another place can serve to allow the senses to heighten and expand and relax.  Time for meditation, reflection and being one with your-self and with Nature.

Nature is where many of us gravitate to, in so many different ways.   Boating, Golfing, Camping, Fishing, Swimming, Sunning, Hiking, Touring, Reading, Strolling… SLEEPING! All positive for us, when we are ready to pursuit it WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS.


Hawaii is one of the Worlds most Amazing Treasures!   If you are thinking of making a trip here, prepare to fall in love!

People in Hawai’i live Aloha, which is just as much a feeling and a practice, as well as a greeting.  Aloha is shared in the smiles of the people, the considerate nature, the welcoming attitudes, and the pride and respect for these islands that is shared with millions of visitors each year.   Hawaii seems to have something special for everyone.   Where the air is incredibly fresh and clean after coming off the miles of open ocean; the colors are so vivid and bright, the blues of the sky and the ocean as they kiss on the horizon; the greens of the sugar cane fields and draped mountain sides; the intense orange evening sun dropping it’s sleepy head into the ocean, while the sky puts on a color show for you.  No matter what people are doing, at sunset they stop, and go to the shore to reflect and pause on the blessings of the day.

You may hear the sound of a conch shell being blown in Aloha to another day in Paradise.  Majestic mountains, volcanoes, wildlife sanctuaries, whales and dolphin that can be seen easily from the shore!  Botanical Gardens, agriculture, and even a Winery & tasting!  Some of the finest Art Galleries and of course the food is world class!  Local grown fruits and vegetables are available year round, and the fresh fish is the best.

There are cooling waterfalls, forests of bamboo, and always breathtaking views.  Waking up to the sounds of the island birds, taking their turn to be heard in the still of the new day is so sweet.  The wafting fragrance of the Plumeria, as it fills the night air.

There are miles of sun-drenched beaches where you have the chance to stand in the midst of it all and feel your connection in this Great Universe.   So many, many wonderful things about this beautiful island chain!   Everyone has a unique experience, but few go away disappointed.  If you have always wanted to come, and you can come with an open heart and mind, then you will find a new friend, and carry away with you amazing memories, and lots of Aloha!

Finding oneself in a far away destination may not be for everyone, but if it is your heart’s desire, you may find it to be a cathartic experience. Surrounding yourself with nature, at any time, any place, can allow you the breathing space you have been needing.  We have to feel ready for that, and when we are, traveling to a beautiful, peaceful place can be a help in gaining a new perspective, and time needed to feed your soul and your senses!

If you want to submit your stories of traveling with grief and how it helped you heal, please email: [email protected] and put on the subject line “traveling with grief”. And your story could be featured on our travel section of this site. We look forward to hearing your travel story.

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  • Kerry Hager says:

    This is perfect. I have a story of our first year of traveling which I’ve shared with others. I will find it and send it to you. Definitely lessons along the way. Thanks!

  • marlo says:

    Having lost a child, a husband, plus seeing a child thru cancer, and another dealing with ongoing orthopedic disease, I can tell you that I am no stranger to grief. I teach Kindergarten & am have recently earned an MFT. My thesis on grief focuses on the healing properties of the expressive arts. I’m trying to find a way to shift into my ‘new’ field…but lack the courage..imagine, after having gone thru so much. Feeling frightened, exhausted,depleted, & alone. Oh for someone else to hold the reins for a while.

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