I am in the UK on vacation with my family so there won’t be a letter today but just a short message to say have a great week and be good to yourself.

And…I will leave you with a short excerpt of my latest book Where Did You Go? 

Just in case it hasn’t found its way to you yet.

“I wrote this book to find the truth about death. Instead, I found the meaning of life.

In my pursuit of finding what comes after death, I discovered the dying inside our living.

It was simple: death leads us back to life; life leads us to death. I discovered something I didn’t expect, in someplace I never expected: I found divinity in science. The deeper I looked, inside the atoms, protons, molecules, and all theories and experiments and possibilities, there it was: miracles.

Every day unexpected moments full of wonder.

We call them miracles because we think they’re not normal or frequent experiences. But there’s nothing rare about these miracles. They happen all the time.

Imagine this: life is both physical and nonphysical. Those who die, die only for a moment in this reality. In the reality of their consciousness, which persists beyond time, they move to another reality, another world. The other realities, other worlds, are connected to ours.

There’s a presence inside us—our Super Watcher—that makes us aware of these other worlds.

This presence exists in all realities, all dimensions, along with all the people you’ve loved and lost.

To experience these other realities, you just have to learn to see with your eyes closed.

In this book, I’m asking you to consider the possibility of a reality without a physical construction. Without what we’ve created as a time constraint.

One you must navigate without using your senses. To do so, you must access a nonphysical form from within you, to go beyond your senses and cross over as you did last week and, now, go beyond that threshold. I’m asking you to believe, truly, that you can exit this physical reality when you close your eyes and choose to go where you have not intentionally gone before.

Our “real” life isn’t as we perceive it to be. It’s inside a world without gravity and without the depth that we perceive. It’s inside a flat surface. But we see it as a three-dimensional experience. How is this even possible? And why does it matter? The answer to the first question lies in the holographic universe theory. Recently, scientists have found increasing evidence that the entire universe is encoded on a flat surface and that our perceived 3-D reality is a projection from the 2-D reality.

In other words, our physical reality is an illusion. Our brain constructs our reality by interpreting frequencies from a reality that is in another dimension outside time and space.

Our brain is an interpreter, and it’s interpreting a universe that is holographic.

The best way I can illustrate this concept is with the example of 3-D glasses in a movie theater. The glasses take the image from the flat screen and make it three-dimensional. We live inside the flat screen, but it feels as though we live outside it. We’re here to experience this three-dimensional reality, which is a projection from a two-dimensional experience—just like in the movies when we’re wearing the 3-D glasses!

To answer my second question—Why does it matter?—once you truly embrace that we live in a holographic universe, your Temple Journeys will become even more meaningful. They will feel—and are—as real as this everyday reality you’re living in. When you can look up from this book and accept that what you see in front of you is more of an illusion than a concrete reality,then the journey you experience inside the Temple World gets to become either equally significant or at least more real than you thought it might be.

Ultimately, when you narrow everything down, we live all the way inside the molecules, the atoms, and the photons. There’s so much there. Inside this flat surface where all this lives—it’s all a vibration and a projection. Our consciousness and brain project this reality.”

Excerpt from Where Did You?

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Did-You-Go-Life-Changing/dp/0062689622

And see you all next week.

With London eyes,


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