He was with me every second of the day.

He was my shadow for exactly 8 years.

He followed me around everywhere.

Even when I would go to the bathroom he would just wait outside the door.

He would place himself at the center of the living room to see which way I would be heading to next.

And he would just look me in the eyes, trying to guess what I would do.

Of course I was his second love, food was always his first. 😀

But he was my first dog love and always will be.

His name was Tyson and I said goodbye to him this last Monday.

And I learned this…

Dog love is like human love.  But purer.  Closer to the universe. Closer to God, source, divinity.  It is almost as if we are held by a force that is constant.  We are seen, by two eyes that never let us go (Click to Tweet!)

My heart was not ready to feel what it felt last Monday.

A complete and utter break.

My eyes were gone.

The helding was over.

The physical extension of my soul vanished.

I always thought we were the ones rescuing him.

He was found in Puerto Rico as a puppy and was brought to Northern Mass where we found him at 3 months old.

We adopted him and got in the car to take him home.

Tyson was/is a chocolate lab and he sat on my lap, wrapped his paws around my right arm and squeezed me as he was shaking all the way home.

And now I know.

He came to rescue me.

To be by my side as I was trying to blend two families with not much success.

By my feet, as I wrote Second Firsts and Where Did You Go.

Founded my Institute, found my identity, my voice, my own path.

When he arrived in my life I had just started writing this blog.

Tyson I know you can hear me, thank you for being with me in my loneliest years.

In my discovery years.

My aftermath years.

And I know why you left when you did.

You believe I can do this on my own.

This new chapter. Without your gaze.

Say hi to Bjarne for me, he always wanted a chocolate lab.

And I will be seeing you…

With real devastating heartbreak for my dog Tyson,


PS. He left the day before we were going to release the pre-order campaign for my new book. So here I am doing this for the first time without him: ORDER HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Did-You-Go-Life-Changing/dp/0062689622