Creating harmony in chaos.  That is a big statement in today’s world.  Especially while we are in the middle of one of life’s big changes.

We are faced with so many things that draw us away from the most simple, deeply nourishing and fulfilling moments.   The voices of we are not enough…… this…you need this…you are not enough….. etc.  What if we came back to the simple moments?  What if we already have what we need to flourish, create balance and ride the wave of life?

We do….Here are some simple quick tips to remind you:

  • * Increase your Vitamin G! Vitamin Ground, otherwise known as Earth or Nature.  Spend time in, with, on and around nature.  The benefits of spending time outdoors, in nature and on the earth are limitless to our whole being.  The sensuous characteristics of nature can inspire, nurture, calm and energize our mind, body and spirit.  Truthfully, the earth has a deeply fulfilling ability to feed spaces within our body nothing else seems to satiate.  Take a moment to observe the sunrise, listen to the birds, take a nap on the ground, walk barefoot on the beach or close your eyes to feel the wind caress your skin.  Along with that comes a healthy dose of vitamin D which benefits our well being in countless ways.  Soak up the healing properties of mama earth!  Pause and breathe it in.
  • * Speaking of breathing….BREATHE. There are techniques to breathing that benefit our mind, body and spirit.  Often when we are in the middle of chaos, the first to go is our breathing.  With just a simple deep cleansing breath, we begin to center our frazzled self.  Let’s take it one step further with heart-focused breathing.  Did you know that our heart actually sends more signals to our brain than brain to heart and our brain actually responds to the heart signals?  This means our heart has an intelligence that our brain actually listens to!  When we come from a heart-based state of being, our behavior reflects our heart intelligence with more focus, stability, awareness and openness.  With just a couple moments of time, we can experience the benefits of shifting from brain focus to a heart-based way of functioning.  Heart-based breathing has been used in many modalities for centuries and it is also the beautiful science behind HeartMath®.

Quick Coherence Technique

Step 1:  Imagine you are breathing through your heart or chest area- putting your attention here helps you center yourself and get coherent.  Take slow, deep breaths.  Suggestion:  Inhale for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds- or whatever is comfortable. 

Step 2:  Activate a positive feeling.  Recall how it felt when you were appreciated or when you felt appreciation for something or someone.  Or you can focus on a calm, neutral feeling.

    Practice step one and two together for a minute or so and notice how you feel.  HeartMath®

  • Check in with your “wise guide inside”.  Internal inquiry means leaning into your wisdom.  The wisdom that resides within your heart and soul.  When life seems to be pulling you outward into the abyss of external stimulus, remind your brain to slow down and let your heart speak.  Bring your attention to the wisdom of YOU.  Of course external factors can play a very helpful role in our decision process.  However, remembering to check in with our own internal wise voice (not the voice of shame and blame) can make the difference in the middle of chaos.  Our wise wisdom voice is the unique expression of ourselves and when we listen, we bring a sense of heart and soul balance to our overall well being.  This might mean that in a moment of stress, we listen to our “wise guide inside” and go for a walk before reacting or choose to care for our self with a pedicure.  It is unique to you and so worth listening to.  Connecting with your inner wisdom can happen in many ways.  Take a moment and listen……how do you connect with your inner wisdom?

How we respond to our external environment allows us to find some sense of control in the situation.  We do this by shifting our focus to our internal environment, and then our response can change.  Creating harmony in the chaos of life is a continual journal of balance.  There will be moments of luscious excitement filled with joy and laughter.  There will also be moments of pain, grief and bittersweet tears.  Thus is the flow of life.  Our journey includes both and to think that we can only be peaceful during the sweet happy moments is to deny ourselves the full experience of life.  Even in great turmoil, we can find ways to create inner harmony.

Creating harmony in the chaos of life also takes conscious practice.  With daily practice, we begin to shift our overall well-being from a chaotic state to a more balanced and harmonic way of being.    Remember, we all experience the ebbs and flows of life.  Even within the strongest storms upon the ocean, there is always a deep current that remains stable in the wild chaos.  Find this place….create this place!

Be kind to yourself.  Be fierce with yourself.  Get outside, breathe and make an appointment with the wise guide inside! Become the deep flow of peace within the storm.  Even if just for a moment.

Become the harmony within the chaos.


As a Licensed Health Educator WHE® and Life Reentry Practitioner®, Marni facilitates the overall health–mind, body, spirit–of her clients. Since the death of her husband, she has navigated the world of grief, choosing to pick up the pieces and recreate herself in a life with renewed purpose. Facilitating retreats in Idaho and Belize have become a favorite way to connect with others discovering life after loss.

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