It feels quiet.

Listening to Billie Holiday, I’ll be seeing you.

A few days away from finishing my next book, Where did you go?

The book I have been afraid to write but found the courage to do so.

I found this place, outside of this world we live in, and took everyone there.

Risking it all.

Shedding who I had been, so I could become.

Once again.

Become another me.

So I could feel this.

What I feel right now.


Fully expressed.

In the way I had never let myself be before.

Something happens to you when you give yourself permission to express the next you.

The next self that arrived after who you were.

When you see that next self showing up you hold on to the self you have now.

You hold on tightly.

Because you don’t want to lose yourself as well. As him. As her.

As whoever you lost.

But the next self is here.

Trapped inside of you.

Waiting for your old self to open the door.

What a thing to experience.

Losing your old self so you can gain the new.

What is so hard about this is that you don’t know how the new self will do in life.

You don’t know if you will even enjoy being this next self.

My next self had been here for a while, and I kept rejecting her.

You see, she sounded a little insane.

A little too much. And on top of it, she was much riskier than my old self.

That is who I have been afraid of. My next self.

I was afraid of me. The next me.

But in 10 days she is truly coming to life. The book she wrote goes to the publisher. And it feels like….Oh, my friend, it’s like the heavens open wide.  

It’s like I am tasting freedom for the first time.

I held on to the old me way too long.

Now, you. Yes, you.

Tell me about your next self.

How long have you known about her?…Or him?…

You have one body in this life but many selves occupy it over time. (Click to Tweet!)

Don’t let one occupant overstay their welcome.

Let the next self in.

With the presence of the next self,


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