I play the same music again and again when I write to you every Friday.

Today I want to share what music I play.

Maybe you can play it while you are reading.
I listen to the The Cello Song and all the words just fall into place.

I can’t write without it.

I can’t do this without the feeling I have when I listen to the melody.

It does something to my soul. Maybe to my mind.

Whatever it is, it has helped me write to you.

I don’t take this weekly blog lightly and today we may have started with music but we will dive into changing your life. Of course. Like we always do.

Last week on the blog we got off the train and we left everything that was weighing on us behind.

We entered a new chapter.

Did you think I was going to leave you there. Nope.

So here we go.

Now that we made it to this new place I am going to ask you for something.

It might sound like it is a simple thing.

And maybe even insignificant, but it isn’t.

You see, I always believed that if we want something out of life we have to work so very hard for it.

I also believed that life is full of hardships because, well it has been.

My reality and I know yours too has been full of toughness.

You probably think the same way as I do.

The only way towards something we want is through mountains of work.

What if I told you that maybe just maybe (I hope you are still playing the Cello song) it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Lately I have had some things come easy to me for the very first time.

Ever. Really ever. And it took me by surprise.

I was in shock. This never happens to me.

And I stood back to look at the experience from a distance.

I love pattern recognition and seeing how things work.

Everything is a pattern.

Everything has some kind of understanding as to why it’s happening.

So as I was looking at this specific experience I discovered something

The first thing was that I was spending time doing something I loved doing without expecting anything in return.

The second thing was that it made me feel so happy.

The third was that time just stood still, it felt like I was not even aware of time going by when I was doing something I loved doing.

I laughed a lot. I felt pure joy. I was not attached to it.

I just enjoyed it for the sake of enjoyment and learning.

And then boom. It gave back to me something so incredible.

And it was easy. So easy.

The last thing was that I was not expecting anything in return.

And this final observation feels significant.

It might hold the key to this whole pattern.

To do something because we love doing it without expecting anything in return can shift our whole life’s trajectory.

Soooo….I want to ask you for another favor this beautiful Friday morning.

What is one thing you love to do?

Something you just love so much.

Maybe it is something you have always wanted to do but never allowed yourself to do it for whatever reason.

Go and do it. Just do it.

Even if it will mean nothing from a financial, security, career, or whatever point of view.

It is just for your enjoyment. It is just for you.

Spend a few minutes every day doing it. For months. Ok. Not just a week. But months.

The longer the better.

Instead of a goal for the New Year we will just do this.

But you can’t feel guilty. You can feel like it is a waste of time.

You have to believe that something good can come to you the easy way. (click to tweet)

Yes it is. It really is.

Can we please try this?

Try doing something fun for the sake of it.

Imagine that.

With easiness,


P.S. You are very special to me.