We have control of our minds, but very often we feel that our thoughts are out of control.
I was just sitting down to write this message, and so many thoughts were competing with each other.

And I literally said ‘enough, silence.’

And I closed my eyes and I saw every thought walk away from the center stage so I could find myself and see ‘the message in the bottle.’

Imagine the realization of my power in that moment in time.

I was able to dismiss all the thoughts that were dancing around me, making no sense.

And I started writing. With clarity. With passion. With drive.

I believe that every day we get surrounded by so many thoughts, so many worries and all we have to do is say ‘enough, silence.’

Yes we have the power to dismiss them, and slowly invite them back in.

I was scared about something this week, it actually doesn’t matter what it is.

But I let it worry me and panic me.

And then I spoke to myself, in a deliberate manner.

I asked for my fears to quiet down.

To give me some peace. I was in charge.

Maybe for the very first time to such a degree.

All of a sudden I was able to see me, the one behind the thoughts, experiences and memories.

You see, fear comes from memories and past trauma.

In my book Second Firsts I talk a lot about how after loss, we perceive the entire world as dangerous because we instantly compare new experiences with this trauma and what it meant in our life.

This wears in the neural pathways of fear, making the perception of danger easier for our brain, thus causing us to perceive danger where there isn’t actually anything to fear.

I am going to say this again, we are making the perception of danger easier for your brain.

Can you believe that?

Danger is easier to see if you have gone through a traumatic experience.

So the brain scans for that.

Looks for danger so it can prepare us, as it is so used to it.

I want to scream this out loud.

Climb the roof tops and tell the world of loss and heart break.

Don’t be so afraid of losing, it is not real fear. (Click to Tweet!)

You have been so used to being afraid.

So you are looking for protection, your brain can smell danger even when there isn’t any there.

This is one thing we must overcome towards our path to reentry to our superhero power that is ours to claim.

But without calming our brain from its default setting of danger we will never become who we could be after loss.

Today I want you to know that you have the power to question your mind.

You have the power to say enough, silence.

And see the danger thoughts be gone.

Until there is a real reason to be afraid. Don’t be.

And don’t be fooled by this brain of ours that is used to look for danger because it has seen so much of it. Remember this my dear friend. You are the watcher. The consciousness behind these danger thoughts, the one who can command the thought.

Without you, the thought does not exist. Without you the thought has no home.

You can move your thoughts to their rightful place. You can think at least one conscious thought a day that you control, that you give birth to.

That you say its ok for it to come on out.

For me today, the one thought I want to give birth to is this one:

You can deal with everything that comes your way. Big or small, dangerous or peaceful.

You are power, divinity and above all…you are the seer and the watcher, the one who creates and not the one that receives the created thoughts.

During the toughest years of my life, I had no control over my thoughts. I had no awareness of what was going on inside my mind.

All I could feel was pain, desperation and extreme insanity.

Yes I know this is a tough word to use, but fear can make us insane.

Fear can hijack us from a life of control and awareness.

And if we are not careful, the brain finds it easier and easier to perceive fear and danger.
Let’s not help with that. Let’s go against it by choosing one thought to birth today.

What is that one thought for you?

With power,

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photo credit. Sue Demetriou