Butterfly“Today be thankful for you, for all the strength and endurance you have had in this journey of life.

Be thankful for your wisdom to make the right decisions.

Be thankful for your love of life even in the darkest days.

Be thankful for keeping alive all your dreams no matter what your days bring.

And I am thankful for all of you for sharing your life with us every single day.

One thing we learn about life is that it moves on. Oh Yes it moves on fast!

It doesn’t wait for you to feel better.

Instead of wondering why that happens breathe some air into your life by shifting to a new vantage point.

Where you look at your life through your survivorship and you get to find out who you have become.

That’s when you start following your own footsteps.

You just might never get lost again as you are your self’s best guide.

Hardships are inevitable, you all know that.

But what you should also know is that having a strong comeback relies upon your RESILIENCY.

Being mindful, open, appreciative to the now, and able to see the big picture is KEY. It strengthens your ability to bounce back wiser, stronger and better than ever.

Just STAY with what’s happening today. Keep away from the WHAT IFS.

And finally, decide what it is that you want.

Regardless of your life’s challenges.

What has to persevere is your unwillingness to compromise your dreams, when people, events and circumstances are going against you. Commit to your life by prioritizing your vision. Only then you can truly say you are entitled and deserving of a fulfilled and happy life.

I really believe that true change begins the day you challenge the assumption that you have no control over your destiny.

Once you accept at least partial responsibility and remove your resignation towards the struggles and losses of your life, then the unexpected happens. You start to see REAL CHOICES right in front of you. And that is when your Second Firsts Life begins.

Just for today and this beautiful Saturday morning will you remove your resignation towards the unexpected trials of your life, and instead commit to regaining control by taking action towards a new beginning?

However small it is, I promise you it can create sparks that will surprise you.”

With Love,


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