I discovered something unexpected in my years of helping others. Something you might not like to hear. I must say it took me a while to see this. Primarily because it is hard to believe. So here it goes. The people who I could never help, the people who stayed in grief, sorrow and loss were the people who did not know how to give. They also did not know how to thank. On top of that, they expected…

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Just a simple letter

You know I love talking to you.  I love telling you all of my thoughts.  It's as if we met before.  In some other life.  Under different circumstances. Maybe at the beach.  Or in my neighborhood passing by.  In a simple setting with the sun shining and with a light heart.  In that life I did not lose a daughter, or a husband.  Nor did you.  In that life we met by chance not because of grief but…

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