I have been planning for this day for months and it is here.

We are on our way from California to Austin, Texas with our dogs, kids and a couple of pillows for the road.

We said goodbye to our home and I have to tell you it felt like I was saying goodbye to a person. A person who always provided for me.

The house had this unselfish relationship with me.

It always gave.

And I took it all.

I took the stars above it.

Prayers from the nights.

The sun rising from its deck.

Peace from the back yard. Comfort inside the kitchen.

Love and acceptance all around it.

Now I know it’s already giving it all to the strangers who moved into our home.

And that’s the way it is.

My bags are packed and I am about to get in the car with the girls, Eric and our dogs Gracie and Zoe.

Look for us driving across America.

While I am on the road I hope you spend some time listening to the Dear Life Podcast and know that I am always with you.  

Episode 1 is here: http://www.dearlifepodcast.com/episodes/ep1

Episode 2 is here: http://www.dearlifepodcast.com/episodes/ep2

Sometimes I feel like I need to make sure you are all taken care of if I have to go somewhere.

I love you all.

With adventure and new beginnings,


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