I saw Mary Poppins Returns movie trailer appearing every day as I was getting ready for the release of Where Did You Go?

But I never put the two together.

How could have I known?

How could I have foreseen such a thing?

That they were not only being released at the exact same time, but that people from all over the world would write to tell me how many parallels they have been finding between the book and the movie.

The joy and excitement that was shared in these messages was palpable.

The connections were indeed many, and some quite extraordinary, all the way to the yellow rubber ducky. For those reading the book you know what I mean.

One thing that I learned in the last few weeks is that there are some things that are so beautifully divine and profound that we just sit back in awe of it all.

Today’s letter is about all the things that Mary Poppins has always been teaching us.

And as it happens Where Did You Go? Also.


1. Mary Poppins: Anything can happen if you let it.

Understanding the dynamic between you and the world around you is a fundamental part of your journey ahead. Acknowledging that you are both the observer and creator of your world will allow you to let incredible and magical things happen in your life. Miracles left and right. Abundance of synchronicities daily. Anything can happen, really. From the lottery win to your dream job. To a life after loss that is beyond anything you can imagine.


2. Georgie Banks: I miss mother. Jack: If ever I lose my way, I just look up.

The key here is that we seek guidance and wisdom from those we lost. They are there to guide us in their own way. A way we can only recognize. Ask for their help when you need it. You are never alone. Missing them is remembering them. Missing them is them letting us know that love transcends time and space. (Click to tweet!)


3. Annabel Banks: Everything is possible. Mary Poppins: Even the impossible.

There is only one way to make something impossible. Seeing it as impossible. Everything you see is a subjective experience. Everything that exists in your life is your version of reality. When we remove ourselves from this life and go further out and see everything from our higher self or as I call it in the book Superwatcher Self we are able to observe that the structure of our reality is not fixed. It can be changed to include impossible things. I struggled with this concept for the longest time. And when I slowly started making my seemingly impossible dreams come true then my reality started to change with it.


4. Jane Banks: Are you sure this is quite safe? Mary Poppins: Not in the slightest. Ready! Off we go.

Our brain will tell us how unsafe it is to believe in a new reality. It will first try to tell you, that you are a fool. People will laugh at you. Make fun of you. You will lose your credibility, your friends if you tell them that we never die. That we can change our life if we believe in the impossible. That last one, they will call it wishful thinking. Then if you keep going, they will tell you that it is dangerous to believe in such things. To live your life from a place of miracles, divinity and seeing the unseen. They will also tell you that the unseen hides danger. You see, all of these are beliefs that are constructed by us to keep us inside boundaries. 

We have to start the journey not knowing if it is safe, or real. We have to trust something inside of us so we can begin.

And maybe just maybe we can change the things we are afraid of. I am not saying we can go as far as to remove fear and loss. But we can bring in more good things.


5. Mary Poppins: Open different doors. You might find a you there that you never knew was yours.

There are so many different versions of you. And me. And everyone you meet. Your story has many versions. Versions that exist at the same exact time. There is a place within us that can open different doors, choose different stories and walk different paths. Don’t be misled by the reality in front of you that tells you there is no door. No other way. There are indeed infinite ways. Infinite doors.

Even those who have never experienced anything profound, deep down they know the truth about our reality. The truth of our reality lives in movies, novels, stories on the big and small screen. Even if we try to live our days without magic and wonder it will spill through in other ways. You see, it is inside the collective consciousness. The truth can never be hidden.

If you haven’t seen the movie go see it.

If you haven’t read my new book go read it.

And if you don’t do either I have no doubt that you will experience miracles that will make you question everything.

Until next week, enjoy looking for the place where lost things go.

It is where we come from and where we return to. It is home.

Always has been and always will be.

With wonder,


P.S. Where Did You Go? is now available, click here to order.

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