I can almost envision you. I see your face, your frozen glare
resting somewhere in the room you are in.

I sense heaviness. The air around you is dense. And the feeling
that accompanies you, has circled your heart with a bucket of

That’s OK. I understand, its not easy to carry the steel frame of
grief day in and day out.

But did you know, you could teach yourself to feel lighter? And did
you know, you and only you can turn the bucket full of sorrow to an
ocean full of happiness?
Here is a start…

Get up.

Start moving.

Shake the heaviness off your body.

Find a mirror, look right at it and say out loud.

“I am strong as the mountains, beautiful as the big blue ocean, and

Walk out, with your head up high, with a deliberate and forceful
spring in your step.

And as you are heading out the door, sneak a little
smile to the steel frame of grief that is left behind laying on
your chair.

And that’s when you realize…she doesn’t always have to come along.