“The intention should not be to go and look for love after loss, but to seek to bring yourself back to life.”

– Christina Rasmussen

A Glimpse of the Miraculous..

"Life can be summed up in three words...." Robert Frost wrote... "IT GOES ON." What he left out from that sentence is the amazing grace that surrounds life after we skip a beat. When our hearts experience an inner turmoil, that is when we are able to stumble upon divinity.                     I am here to remind you that you might stumble upon…

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The relationship

How we treat ourselves when we are in emotional pain, is the catalyst to acquiring control of our destiny. And how we perceive ourselves while we are grieving will impact our long term healing. It all boils down to, the relationship you have with who you are, and how you react to the storm while is hitting your shore. How much do you trust yourself to take care of you?

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Dating After Divorce

By: Julie Thomas, Writer March 2011 So you are separated or newly divorced and this isn’t where you thought that you would be at this point in your life? You are not alone. I have been in that place and hope that you will be able to learn something valuable from my experiences. It is important that you understand some things about my marriage and divorce in order to understand my journey. I…

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