“Yes, we need to boldly go forward, but we also have to talk about the aftermath of loss.”

– Christina Rasmussen

Leap of Faith

By Sharmaine L Hobbs, www.whenwomenawaken.com In 2004, I took a trip to the Homestead Resort. When I got off at the Lexington exit to get some tablets, I saw a woman holding a sign that said, “STRANDED, NEED TO GET BACK TO MICHIGAN.”  I charged a tank of gas on my credit card and gave her the receipt. I knew this woman was the real reason I was led to get off the exit.  She was a stranger, but I…

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It’s Not What Happens to You; It’s What You Do with It

by Paulette Rao, MCC I make choices every day as to how I’ll respond to things that happen to me. When things are not going the way I want, my default thinking tends to be either worry or avoidance of looking at ‘what is’. Both choices—yes, they are choices—rob me of an opportunity to grow. In “My Stroke of Insight”, neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor explains that limbic system responses, like…

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