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Brian’s Waterfall

We had a 14' high bank behind our home that was over grown w/wild flowers, herb bushes & weeds. I envisioned a waterfall built on the bank. On Oct 06, Brian, my youngest son, 17 yrs of age, cleared off the bank, digging & creating the tiered path the water would take on it's journey to the basin at the bottom of the bank. I hadn't figured out, at that time, how I was going to make a pond…

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Be the Phoenix

by Nina Russell Korcheck My husband Jack and I first found each other on the telephone when I called to order flowers for a co-worker. He took my order over a phone connection that was 800 miles in distance. For some reason we just clicked and were on the phone chatting for 40 minutes. We continued to communicate, first by email and then by phone over the next few years and our relationship grew…

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A Key Away From A Bed

By Rita Amstrong No parent should have to cover up their child before the undertaker closes the lid. Yet, this happens much, much too often, day in, day out in our communities without the toll on our lives being heard. Anna’s story and other stories of senseless crime needs a voice. I am that voice… On October 6, 2004, I became what now defines me, consumes me, and has forever changed who I am: a…

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Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory

by Connie Iddings As I struggled alone with my grief I prayed that God would somehow help me find a way to get through this sorrow and to be able to find the strength I’d need for my four month old, granddaughter Kylie’s upcoming memorial. The thought instantly came to me, “Think on what you have received instead of on your loss.” I have not experienced such clarity and directness of thought…

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Traveling with Grief

Written by, Sherilyn Talley Maui Resident The evolution of grief has us making our way down our road the best way we know how. Picking up what tools we can use, finding what will help us awaken to a new sense of aliveness within. When we come to feel our heart is ready for a new experience, a different 'vantage point', traveling to another place can serve to allow the senses to heighten and…

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