There Are Many Frontiers After Loss

Life after loss is a work of art. It takes decades of creating. It roars behind the clouds and screams at night in our souls. It is the most powerful human experience. And it always lives outside time and space. It is that strong. It can shift the human experience and take it outside of all the illusions. But because of its strength we need to be ready for when we get stuck, inside the waiting…

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Let Go of the ‘Good Enough’ Things

Today, we will talk about letting go. Letting go of all the good enough things we carry. We picked up these things because we had to after loss. Countless of them. At first, we carry them because we can and because they are not too heavy to carry. Good things. Ok things. Not so bad things. After a while we get used to carrying them. We go about our life with all these good enough things. Over…

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The Half Step…

There will always be setbacks, especially in the beginning. When I say beginning, I mean the first 2 to 3 years after loss. Sorry I didn’t say six months or one year. That is not even the beginning, that is the aftermath. So, in the first few two years it will feel as if you are not moving forward. You will be taking at least two steps back and maybe a half step forward. But that half step is…

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I Don’t Want to Believe, I Want to Know.

Imagine if we lived in a world where mystical experiences were something we celebrated and received as a gift. Every time we had an extraordinary dream experience we woke up and shared it with our kids. Every time we felt the presence of someone we loved and lost we called our friends and family to tell them about the visitation. And every time we sensed something about the future we didn’t doubt…

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Starting From Scratch

We hold on to what we have built and have created with average success and average joy, fearing that if we let it go we would not be able to get back to that average. So we avoid starting from scratch at all costs. Even if where we are today is not a good place to be, we stay there. For a lot of us, it is easier to stay in something we don’t like than having to begin again. So today, I want to…

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Say No to the Meatballs…

Imagine there is a part of you that is timeless. Completely and totally timeless. Ancient almost. Millions of years old. Now imagine this part of you lives inside your body. Inside your mind. Inside your thoughts. You have access to it as soon as you realize its existence. You have access to its wisdom, its knowing and its ability to help you review your life in a way that allows you to make all…

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Life After Life…After Life

Lately I have been wondering about a lot of things. It feels as if I am looking at life from a different lens. How come we find some of the strangest things around us normal? For example, why is it that our earth is in the middle of infinite space and we perceive it as ordinary? Why is it that we sleep at night as if we are completely gone from this dimension and we don’t find it peculiar? And…

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Trust the Unseen

Two nights ago I had a dream, a very peculiar dream. I dreamed of my husband who passed nearly 10 years ago. In the dream I knew he was there, but I could not see him. We were walking together. He told me these words “We have been together in both the physical and the non-physical world.” and the dream ended. I woke up. I wanted to write this letter to you today and I think he would want me to as…

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Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

As I am getting ready to write my next book I am immersed into hundreds of books searching for timeless wisdom, wisdom that matches my perception of grief. The ability to allow a view of grief that shows you the real experience of loss. What is the real experience of loss? Where does this very intense pain come from? The pain of loss comes from a timeless place where you have known the person you…

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Don't You Settle in Your Life After Loss

Don’t You Settle in Your Life After Loss

When I look back at the 3 or 4 years after my loss, I see a woman completely lost, afraid and confused as to which way to go. Also a woman who just settled a lot. The really interesting thing is that I don’t remember anyone telling me to stop settling. I had nobody tell me something like this: “You have gone through something really tragic and we know you are grieving, but it is important to…

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