Guest Blog: How to care for yourself when life feels broken

How do you begin to put the pieces back together again when you feel scattered and broken? The coming of a new year can feel suffocating when the talk of new starts, big dreams and positive change leaves you feeling more disconnected and despondent than ever.  When you've been brought to your knees from pain, depression, loss or grief-- it is hard to know how to begin the process of caring for…

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What 2011 taught me

             Dear Life Starters, This year has taught me things that other years could not teach me: 1. When something is not working out, stop!  2. Independence comes to you when you are ready to forget about your ego.  3. Your identity can shift in one brief moment of change. BANG!! 4. Grief does not last forever, memories do.  5. One small person can do big things. 6. Loving thousands of…

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A different kind of Christmas wish…

 It doesn't matter where you are from. It doesn't matter what color your skin is. It doesn't matter how old you are, how many lovers you had, or how many mistakes you think you made. I don't care about  your religion choice. I don't care that you have no money. I don't care that you are not popular. What I care about is, that you wake up every morning and you smile at the person you see in the…

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This message belongs to YOU!

As I was meditating one day this week, I had an amazing moment of clarity that I am about to share with you. I was sitting still, listening to my breath and all of a sudden a clear thought came through that had such amazing vibration to it, that I stopped listening to the breath and focused on that brand new thought. And it spoke so clearly to me. So clear that I had to share it with you as this…

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Second Firsts: New Beginning

Are you committed to a brand new beginning?

"In my years doing this work and coaching hundreds of people, the surprising thing has been how the majority of this world is actually actively grieving and they have no internal or external acknowledgement for their loss. I have coached people who lost children, women who never had kids but a successful career, men and women who stay in loveless marriages, or were divorced too soon or too late,…

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Second Firsts: Balloon

Your Loss Is Your Launching Pad

Sometimes looking back is easier than looking at something right at the moment it takes place.  Two months ago I was awakened with severe dizziness, head numbness and the world was spinning right in front of me. I couldn't stand up or even walk. I didn't know what was happening. The very first thoughts that crossed my mind were frightening as I was experiencing severe physical symptoms. I was…

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Second Firsts: Celebrate!

Words of Wisdom from the Life Starters of Second Firsts

I have always said, "You are all wise, and able to act on your life as the people who have created fortunes, success and abundance. Your voice is as strong as theirs. Your mission is as important as any other human being on this planet. Your words are as inspiring as the grandest teachers of our times." Today's message in a bottle is dedicated to your words, to the lessons you learned along the…

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Second Firsts: Brick Wall

Are you a thriver or a survivor?

"Throughout the years so often people tell me how well I have done with how much bad luck I had, and then they go on to tell me that I am an inspiration and that is when I think about what Jim Rohn had said a while back, "We generally change for 1 of 2 reasons: inspiration or desperation." So, the truth is that I grabbed life by the horns out of desperation and not out of inspiration. I was not…

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Second Firsts: Permission to Pause

Guest Blog: Permission to Pause

By: Sue Ann Gleason Culinary Nutritionist & Nourishment Counselor “Hello Sue Ann, this is the social worker from Hospice. The team met today and the physician in charge of your dad’s case is thinking it might be a good idea to increase the dosage on his anti-depressant medication. He is still losing weight so we’d like to increase the liquid meals as well.” My stomach tightens as I dial the…

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Second Firsts

The 6 billion versions of grief

There are 6 billion versions of grief, as many as there are people on this Universe. There is young and old grief, with hair or no hair, big or small, crazy or calm, unexpected or predictable, social or introverted, isolated or with company. As you probably guessed the list goes on and on.

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