“Your life after loss does not have to be scary. It does not have to be about making money while doing work you don’t like.”

– Christina Rasmussen

You gave up the dream because of your loss

I want you think about a dream you once had. Something that you used to think about a lot and you haven't thought about in a while because you felt that life was much harder than you had expected. And you gave up the dream, in order to survive. You gave up the dream in order to grieve. Can you tell me what that dream was? Can you start talking to your dream and instead of telling it why it has…

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Common Divorcee Money Beliefs

by Diana Mercer Common divorcee money beliefs seem to fall into 3 categories: Entitlement Fear Naïve Entitlement: The “you must pay for what you’ve done!” and the “marital standard of living” arguments.  In these situations, I think the impact on children are that the divorces tend to be higher conflict, and parents send the message that one or both parents are “spoiled” so it’s okay for a…

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How to Begin a Job Transition

by Lisa Adams, www.FreshAirCareers.com, [email protected] Do you have a vision for your future life? It may be just getting the next job to sustain yourself for the coming year or two.  Or you may be ready to really envision life moving forward for the long term.  Whichever it is, the same steps prevail to your goal.  You are ready for a change.  A new job, a new career, a new life.  “I…

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