My mind today is everywhere.

Its raising. It’s quiet.

Then its loud.

Then it’s scared.

It’s scared.

A lot.

So many of you travelled to be here with me for our Life Reentry weekend.

And I want to give you the moon.

The stars.

The whole galaxy.


Everything I am.

And I will.

My mind will try to tell me “what if you can’t Christina.”

But I know I don’t need to be scared.

You already have the stars inside of you. (Click to Tweet!)

The moon also.

You don’t need anything from me.

And together we will be a whole galaxy in the next two days.

Walking towards a new life after loss.


With stars,


PS. NUTRI BULLET sponsored our event.

They believe in living a beautiful and bold life after loss.

Will be sharing pictures from the event on my Facebook page.