Please say these words with me…

Dear Universe/God/Divine energy,

No matter where my life takes me I promise you to help others when nobody is watching.

When the only one witnessing my act of kindness is you and my soul.

When I am tired and I want to just go home.

When my life is not going according to plan.

When it is not about me.

When nobody sees.

When I have no money.

When I struggle.

When it is not convenient.

When I don’t get a thank you.

When I am young.

When I am old.

When nobody asks.

When I am the one who needs help.

When I am rich.

When I am powerful.

When I am popular.

When I have it all.

When I am afraid.

When others could but didn’t.

I will be kind always and forever.

As the loss of kindness will destroy our human species.

We will not be able to endure this loss.

The random acts of kindness that take place when nobody is looking is the essence of our humanity. (Click to Tweet!)

Without that we have nothing.

We are nobody.

And LOVE is but a word.

With kindness,


PS. Share your act of kindness, the one nobody ever saw, in the comments below.

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • Michael says:

    Stopping on a country highway to pick up turtle off the pavement. Did not want him to get ran over. Thanks Christina. You are the best.

  • Carol says:

    There is a man who has MS in the street before ours. If we see his trash cans out on our drive home, we take them back up to his garage for him. We have never met him, but have seen his struggle in the am to get them to the street.

  • Emily says:

    A woman was getting her hair done for the first time since her finished chemo and I paid for her cut and color. I know first hand how a haircut can make you feel beautiful after a struggle, so I wanted her to feel that.

  • karen says:

    An older man who was shaky & had obvious helath problems had trouble finding his money at a grocery store. The cashier looked annoyed and I could tell the man was feeling very stressed out. I went up & paid for his groceries and told him to have a nice day.

  • Francene Svehlak says:

    Friends of mine from church were evicted from their home. They needed a place to store some of their boxes so they did not have to pay for a storage unit. I stored their boxes in my garage and although they offered to pay me, I did not accept any money from them.

  • DAWNMARIE says:

    I have very many yes it is true.. random acts of kindness maybe nearly everyday if you pick up a piece of paper or say hello to a tree give blessings to the river,sky or tree, an envelope with a little money or a note, a flower or candy , to someone unknown…. a card or a note on a stranger or neighbors car to say that they matter and make a difference just by being here.I feel we all do this when and if we give it time to consider..I will continue as I have now and forever

  • DaliMama says:

    Am posting in the hopes you can make sense of what happened to me this morning. I was entering the grocery store and a homeless kid asked me for change. I told him I would buy him some food, did he like chicken, I’d get him a piece.

    The troubled boy said no but would I get him a protein smoothie, no sugar, coconut milk. At least I think that was what he said I was so shocked at such a specific request but what the heck the idea was protein and it was on sale for $2.49.

    As I exited the store with my own groceries the kid was gone. No where to be found. Well, no good deed goes unpunished I guess. I don’t like protein shakes but oddly a friend and I were discussing whey powder (I’m going on a 21 day boot camp kind of thing) and so I thought maybe I’ll just try it.

    Then I was driving home on a busy boulevard and there was a man sleeping on the sidewalk with a sign that said Veteran so I thought – I’ll give it to him for when he wakes up. I circled around the block. Twice. He was gone.

    I got home, put the shake in the fridge and went online.

    And then there was this question…

  • Tamara says:

    I would send weekly cards to people I felt needed uplifted. I never signed my name. I just would put Your Sister in Christ

  • Ronald Goguen says:

    One of my favorite work mantras that I often shared, and practiced, with my co-workers was: Honesty and integrity is defined not by what you do when everyone’s watching; it’s what you do when nobody is watching. My wife devoted herself in the unselfish giving of her time, love, and even money. Since her passing a year ago, I attempt to honor her every day by following her example of random acts of kindness, even if nothing more than a smile for everyone I meet. It only took 2 days to be reminded of my wifes devotion to helping others. A week before my wife passed, I sat in on a reprimand given to a co-worker for excessive tardies and absences. This person was dependent on the paratransit system which was notoriously unreliable. During the conversation, this person was advised to work out a backup plan. Two days after my wife’s death, I had just pulled into a Dunkin Donuts to get donuts in anticipation of my sons arrival from a straight through drive from Texas. My wifes phone went off. It was a text message from this person, asking if my wife could swing by to pick her up on the way to work. We all worked in the same store, in a town over half an hour from where we lived. My wife was now her backup plan. She never said anything to me. There was no way I could respond to the text. I called my daughter, who called our store manager to see if she could have someone pick her up and break the news of Kat’s passing. Apparently our store manager made the trip personally. I took this as Kat reminding me to carry her banner forward. I have done many acts of kindness, paying it forward, especially in circumstances knowing that there was no chance for repayment other than the recipients paying it forward themselves some time in the future. Thank you for posting this reminder, on the 13th month anniversary today of Kat’s passing.

  • Jenn says:

    I work at an Animal Sanctuary. I was giving a tour to a family. There soon was mentally challenged. When i work with the Tigers, i find their whiskers, i usually save them for myself. After the tour was over, i gave this boy one of the whiskers i found. He was so excited!! Gave me a hug and went to show his parents. This made my heart and soul Tingle. I didn’t do it for any other reason, but to give this boy something to remember the tigers. Not very many people have real Tiger whiskers.

  • Raylene says:

    My neighbor is blind and just got out of hospital, every day since he has been home, i have seen to him having a hot meal. Today i cleaned his apartment for him for a house inspection from the real estate. He is enjoying the meals, he is enjoying someone helping him with his needs and in my own heartbreak from loosing my husband, children and business and home to divorce – i am finding peace in helping someone who needs my help. It reminds me that I am kind, i have always been kind, I am generous wether i am rich or now poor. It reminds me that outside my waiting room – there is a life. Random acts of kindness to a stranger is healing for both.

  • Your Heart says:

    When it’s from the heart, it is not about us but about our heart reaching out to help another heart who needs our help! Helping others strengthens our souls!

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