Please say these words with me…

Dear Universe/God/Divine energy,

No matter where my life takes me I promise you to help others when nobody is watching.

When the only one witnessing my act of kindness is you and my soul.

When I am tired and I want to just go home.

When my life is not going according to plan.

When it is not about me.

When nobody sees.

When I have no money.

When I struggle.

When it is not convenient.

When I don’t get a thank you.

When I am young.

When I am old.

When nobody asks.

When I am the one who needs help.

When I am rich.

When I am powerful.

When I am popular.

When I have it all.

When I am afraid.

When others could but didn’t.

I will be kind always and forever.

As the loss of kindness will destroy our human species.

We will not be able to endure this loss.

The random acts of kindness that take place when nobody is looking is the essence of our humanity. (Click to Tweet!)

Without that we have nothing.

We are nobody.

And LOVE is but a word.

With kindness,


PS. Share your act of kindness, the one nobody ever saw, in the comments below.